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3 jobs in 24 hrs
Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On the above date, the day started early for some of the Minquas Volunteers.

Fire #1: At approx 0221 hrs, Minquas Fire Company was alerted to assist Aetna Hose Hook and ladder (Newark) on a working house fire in the Robscott Manor neighborhood. Engine 235 responded under command of Engine Captain Mills with a crew of 6. Chief 7-8B was onscene of a 2 story single family dwelling with fire showing from the Delta side. Engine 235 arrived and was assigned to assist with checking for extension and mopping up hot spots. Rescue 23 also responded under command of Lieutenant Moorhead. Both units operated for approx 2 hrs.

Fire #2: After being back in quarters for less than an hour, at 0449 hrs, Engine 23 was alerted to assiste Aetna Hose Hook and ladder (Newark) on a working house fire. Same residence as a few hours prior. Engine 235 responded again under command of Engine Captain Mills with a crew of 6. When Engine 235 arrived, crew was split and preformed ventilation and overhaul of the residence. Engine 235 operated for almost 3 hours.

Fire #3: At approx 1937 hrs, Engine 23 was alerted to transfer to Brandywine Hundred while they were operating a working house fire. Engine 236 responded under command of Rescue Captain Johnson with a crew of 5. Prior to arrival to station 11, command requested a second alarm at 39th and Market Street. Crews were battling a stubborn fire that was running the cockloft of a row of homes. Engine 236 redirected to the fire scene which was only a few blocks away. Upon arrival of 236, crew was directed to advance an additional hand line into the main fire building. Engine 236s crew split. Half went to first floor half went to 2nd floor. Crews operated inside for an extended period of time prior to being evacuated from the structure due to deteriating conditions. Engine 236 remained on scene for several hours before being released by command.

Great job by all those who were involved with the fires. Also Special thanks to Aston Township Engine 17 for covering our local. We appreciate all your help and support!!!

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