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Rescue and Ambulance Run Crash with Rollover & Entrapment
Tuesday, May 10, 2016

On the above date, just before 1730hrs, Ambulance 23 was alerted to assist Station 17 on an MVC with a roll over at the intersection of Boxwood Road and Centerville road.  Deputy Chief 23 (Harvey Jr.)  arrived and reported 1 vehicle on it's side and 1 subject trapped, this added Rescue 23.  Rescue 23 with a crew of 5 under the command of Asst. Chief Johnson responded.  Crews from Rescues 23, 14, and 17 worked to stabilize the vehicle and remove the roof to free the trapped patient.  Five patients total were transported to the trauma center.  Deputy Chief 23 had the "Boxwood Road Command".  

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